Tule River Tribe plans to open cannabis dispensary off Highway 190

The Tule River Indian Tribe is venturing into the cannabis industry.

Officials with the Tule River Economic Development Corporation, or TREDC, say a cannabis dispensary on tribal land wasn't considered until California legalized recreational marijuana a few years ago.

But now they're building one off Highway 190 in the Springville area, next to the Eagle Feather Trading Post.

The next closest dispensary is in Farmersville, 35 miles away.

"I believe a lot of people would come," said tribal member Kenneth Quair. "Maybe Visalia (area), even though they got their own, (it) just depends. If it's good, it's good, and I believe it will be. We're (in) a good location, good highway, it'll be good revenue."

The dispensary, named Eh-Lo, which means flower, will be regulated by a tribal cannabis commission.

The TREDC says the commission will set even stricter rules than the state.

They hope that the store will generate more than half a million dollars annually, which will fund new housing and related infrastructure projects on the Tule River Indian Reservation.

They say hundreds of tribal members or descendants need a home.

"I won't be using the dispensary," Springville's Michael Mahoney said. "But it's their land and they have the right to do what they're going to do so I'm fine with it."

The TREDC says they're already receiving some applications for the dispensary.

They estimate the store will create between 25 and 30 jobs.

Anyone can apply, but tribal members will be given preference.

Tribal officials don't know exactly when the dispensary will open, but they say it could be later this year.
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