Twisted Masala food truck opens to public

The fragrant smell of spices and vegetables are sizzling inside of new food truck Twisted Masala.

"I love seeing people's reactions, especially when they open the box. It's like Christmas all over again," said owner Gurvinder Sandhu.

Sandhu and Amanda Vogel are the proud owners of one of Fresno's newest food trucks and food styles.

"We serve fusion-style food. We took spices from all over the world, and we made it into our own blend," Vogel said. "We have burritos, tacos and bowls. That's the only thing traditional about it. We have proteins for every walk of life from vegan to vegetarian, pescetrain and meat lovers."

The couple left their corporate jobs to launch their food truck.

"They used to be like 'ah another sales rep' and now they see me smile and say 'food, yes'! So the change in the demeanor in people is amazing," Vogel said.

The two cook everything from scratch as they make their homemade red chicken bowls and fish burritos.

They have a secret sauce to their business.

"Dad's seasonings, mom's love and our care. We make sure that everything we eat off of this plate is for us as well," Sandhu said. "It's not just that we are serving customers. This food goes to our house as well."

Since opening in February, they've already gotten a following,

"My favorite is their fish salad or fish burrito. Definitely anything with fish. Their chicken is killer, but the fish does it for me," said Sahiv Tiwana of Fresno.

The parents of two have big plans for the future.

"We want to open up multiple trucks, and we want to mass market our sauces. We make them vegan and normal. We want them to be able to put it on their own choice of protein. I put mine on steak," Vogel said.

You can find Twisted Marsala's location throughout on their Instagram. They will have a community day from 11 am - 1 pm. off Hamilton in between Armstrong and Temperance.
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