Two puppies saved, one dies in Parlier house fire

PARLIER, Calif. (KFSN) -- Flames tore through a Parlier home Tuesday morning as officers attempted so rescue three dogs from inside the burning garage. Puppies Frida and Ash were inside a kennel and were rescued by Officer Daniel Corona and two other officers.

"I would have to take a step and pull it," said Corona. "I could feel the cage itself was hot, but we pulled it until we could actually get it to a safe spot."

The third dog was a 15-year-old pitbull named Lola. She was on a leash and could not escape. Officer Corona tried to free her.

"At that point, the fire was so intense, that just extending my hand was causing me to feel the heat and start to burn," said Corona.

The heat burned Corona's hand, so he had to save her a different way. He went outside to a garage window and attempted to put out the flames near Lola.

"At that point, a propane tank went off," said Corona. "I could hear the valve pop and you could not be anywhere within feet of the window or the threshold of the garage."

Officers tried, but they could not save her.

"It is tough because we go back and it is just bad memories because we were with her for so long that she became part of the family," said Hector Ortega Jr. Lola's owner. "She was not just a dog."

Ortega received Lola as a birthday gift 15 years ago.

"She was just, she was always there, she was very obedient," said Ortega.

The reason their pets were in the garage was to keep them out of the cold. Not only is the family recovering from the loss of Lola, but also the loss of many other personal items. The Oretga family is being helped by Red Cross and are staying with family. Meanwhile, Frida and Ash are doing good, although they are a little shaken.

Officer Corona only received minor burns to his hand and is back on duty. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.
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