Uber driver saves college student's life after organ failure

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota -- A college student says she wouldn't be alive without the help of an Uber driver.

University of Minnesota student Hannah Enge says she remembers very little of her ride to the hospital last month.

Hannah was having severe pain in her lower back when she entered the Uber. She was used to having seizures from her epilepsy, but she knew this was different.

"I was kind of heeling over in the Uber, like, 'Oh my goodness, this hurts so bad,'" Hannah said.

WCCO reports Hannah's Uber driver, who she identified only as Allison,, took the 20-year-old's phone to find her emergency contacts. She called Hannah's mom, who lives 300 miles away, to let her know what was going on.

"She was pretty frantic," recalled Allie Enge, Hannah's mom. "She said, 'I'm an Uber driver, I have your daughter and her phone says she has epilepsy!'"

Hannah wasn't having a seizure. Instead, she had an infection in her kidneys and her organs were shutting down.

When her Uber pulled into the hospital parking lot, Hannah's heart stopped.

"I just blanked," Hannah said. "What I was told is I just stopped breathing."

She was rushed into the ER. Allison offered to stay with Hannah at the hospital until family or friends could come.

"Allison was saying that, 'I can bring her clothes, I can go to Target, I can sit with her,'" Hannah's mom said.

Hannah recovered after three days on antibiotics in the hospital. Her family and friends eventually joined her in the ER, but Allison left.

"She didn't want any credit for it, and I'm like, 'Honey, you are going to get credit for it,'" Allie said.

Hannah's mom posted about the kind stranger on her Facebook in a post that later went viral.

Hannah hopes someday she'll get in an Uber with Allison again so she can thank her good Samaritan in person.

"Having someone like that who is almost willing to be part of my family and be a true friend, I am so thankful for her," Hannah said.