Kingsburg farmer trying to change stigma of eating 'ugly' fruit

KINGSBURG, Calif. (KFSN) -- "It's estimated between 1,000 to 2,000 tons of fruit a day is thrown out just within a 10-mile radius of Kingsburg. It's a 1,000 to 2,000 that all could've been eaten by a Human in some form or another. It's all thrown out, mostly because it's not marketable," said Ben Moore, the Ugly Company owner.

Farmer Ben Moore is sick and tired of seeing food go to waste.

At this site, farmers drop off fruit not wanted by grocery stores or food banks and leaves it to compost.

The Kingsburg native has started his own company called the Ugly Company, to take fruit that would normally be tossed and turns it into dried fruit for retail.

"We just kind of went let's go throwback, our brand is ugly, it doesn't matter if our output is ugly. People really love it because it's really one of the best tasting dried fruit you ever had," Moore said.

The fruit packets are about $6 a bag and sell in the Los Angeles area or online.

Moore says each sale helps a big waste problem and small farmers

"We can strengthen family farms by capturing a full harvest. That can be our competitive advantage," Moore said.

The former college football player and Army veteran says while his dream to curb food waste and help others are big, it's a calling.

"I have the opportunity to really make a difference and when duty calls you have to do it," Moore said.

A mission that others can now help within a beautiful, yet ugly way.
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