District Boosts Money for Sports at Schools by $1.3 million

Athletics is part of the fiber of Fresno Unified schools, teaching students the rewards of hard work, endurance and teamwork. Sports is what keeps many students engaged in school, and are a rallying point for school communities.

For the upcoming school year, the district will increase allocations to schools for athletics by a total of $1.3 million. This increase is part of the district's Local Control Accountability Plan's emphasis on the board-adopted Goal 2: "All students will engage in arts, activities and athletics."

Fresno Unified continues to expand its Goal 2 offerings and has seen student participation in arts, activities and athletics rise from 54% in 2013-14 to 62% the following year.

"The Board of Education and the superintendent's dedication to involving students in arts, activities, and athletics can have a huge impact on students' lives," said district athletic director Brett Mar. "This increase will ensure our ability to organize regional athletic events, and provide additional funding for uniforms, protective gear and other safety equipment as needed."
The increase in athletic funds at schools will be used for:
- Uniforms
- Protective gear

- Safety equipment
- Equipment
- Officials
- Maintaining increased stipends for after-school activities
- Regional athletic events (new for 2016/17)

- Supporting costs for student body to attend playoff events (new for 2016/17)
- Full-time athletic trainers (new for 2016/17)
- Athletic Manager III (new for 2016/17)
- Assisting students living in poverty to have equal access to participation