Fresno Unified Installs Wi-Fi on School Buses

Fresno Unified has installed Wi-Fi on school buses this year, making it easier for students to get homework done as they travel to and from school and for school activities.

Students can access the free Wi-Fi by using the username "FUSD_BUS" and entering the passcode "iamready" on their mobile devices, lap tops, or tablets. All web traffic on the school buses is content filtered to ensure students have an educational and safe web experience that aligns with student expectations around digital citizenship.

"Fresno Unified students ride our school buses more than 5 million times during the course of a school year and we want to make sure they are able to study and stay on top of their school work and on track to graduate," said Superintendent Michael Hanson. "The bus ride home will never be the same for our students. They can consider a Fresno Unified bus ride a mobile study hall."

Fresno Unified is one of only a few school districts in the state providing internet access on school buses. According to Converge Magazine, only 5% of school district administrators report providing Wi-Fi on buses.

"It's great now to have free Wi-Fi on the bus. We can do the research we need to do for homework and it helps us not get behind," said Sunnyside senior Alexis Vang.