LCAP at a Glance

What is LCFF?
The Local Control Funding Formula is California's formula for determining the level of state funding provided to school districts. The funding is dedicated to improve the learning outcomes for three groups of students: English learners, low-income and foster youth.

What is the LCAP?
LCAP is the district's three-year plan for how it will use state LCFF funding to serve all students, including English learners, low-income and foster youth.

74,155 Students Total
(Preschool - Grade 12)
Student Diversity
African American: 8.7%
Asian: 11.4%
Hispanic: 67.7%
Multiple: 1.6%
Native American: 0.6%
Pacific Islander: 0.3%
White (not Hispanic):9.7%

Engage community
Collect feedback
Compile results
Inform LCAP plan as part of strategic budget development process

Create draft LCAP
Present draft for review and comment to:
District Advisory Committee (DAC)
District English Learning Advisory Committee (DELAC)

Invite public comment
Host Public Hearing
Finalize draft after public comment

Adopt LCAP concurrent with the budget
Submit to Fresno County Office of Education for approval
Post on district website

Community Outreach on LCAP

Between November 2015 and May 2016, the district conducted 73 LCAP meetings and workshops with more than 2,000 participants and more than 30,000 responses. Meetings were held with administrators, parent groups, community-based organizations, students, bargaining units and community members. The community was invited through postcards and recorded messages sent to homes and Parent University made phone calls in home languages. Lunch meetings were held for students at each high school. The district continues to build on the outreach, and will provide more opportunities for the community to be involved in the fall.

Facilities Information
66 elementary schools
15 middle schools
9 high schools
4 alternative schools
3 special education schools
1 adult school
8 charter schools

Budget Information
$889 million annual operating budget

Four District Goals
To accomplish the four district goals, it is expected that all students will be in school, on time and ready to learn every day.
All students will excel in reading, writing and math
All students will engage in arts, activities, and athletics
All students will demonstrate character and competencies for workplace success
All students will stay in school on target to graduate

2014 -15 Enrollment by Program
English Learner 16,180 22%
Socioeconomically Disadvantaged 59,568 84%
Students with Disabilities 7,131 9.6%
Foster Youth 635 1%

Goal 1 LCAP Priorities

40 Designated Schools: $16.8M
-Additional 30 minutes of instruction each day
-Ten additional professional development days
-One additional teacher to be prioritized by the school

School Site Supports: $8.9M

Additional Teacher Supply Funds: $1.3M

3% Professional Learning Column: $4.6M
-Additional column on the basic salary schedule to support continual learning for teachers

Maintain Middle School Redesign: $5.6M
-PLUS teams to support instruction

Professional Learning Related to the Implementation of the State Standards: $3.4M

Eliminate Fifth and Sixth Grade Combination Classes: $800,000

National Board Certification: $100,000
-Designed to develop, retain, and recognize accomplished teachers

Instructional Supports: $900,000
-To build the collective capacity to improve instruction

Employee Supports: $3.8
-Additional elementary teachers above base
-Reduce large core classes in high schools
-Additional vice principals

Maintain 24:1 TK-third Grade Average Class Size: $1.2M

Further Develop Early Childhood Education: $2.7M

Maintain Elementary Augmentation for Students with Disabilities: $2.3M

Additional Special Education Director: $200,000

Additional Supports for Libraries: $1.3M
-Increasing time for elementary library technicians from five hours per day to six hours per day
-Doubling of library funds for elementary, middle and high schools

Maintain Expanded Transitional Kindergarten: $2.5M

Equity and Access Partnership with UC Merced: $1.7M
-To create more post-secondary choices from the widest array of options for students

GATE / Advanced Placement / International Baccalaureate Expansion: $900,000

Funds to Support Covering Advanced Placement Exams Fees: $200,000

Redesign High School Schedules: $4.0M

Maintain Phoenix Community Day School:$1.7M

Extended Summer Learning:$3.6M

Adding Foster Youth Social Workers:$1.3M
-From four social workers to nine for 2016/17

Student Peer Mentor Program: $400,000

Investments for Secondary Students with Disabilities: $3.4M

English Language Learners: $7.8M
Based on the recommendations of the Master Plan Redesign Committee:
-Four teachers on special assignment to develop and provide professional learning to teachers
-Teachers to increase Hmong courses at high schools
-TSA for support dual immersion expansion
-Supports for EL students taking AP classes
-Expand Family Literacy Project for parents
-Expand Abriendo Puertas courses for parents of early English language learners
-Establish college exposure for students and families of English learners
-$2.5M increase in funding over prior year

Goal 2 LCAP Priorities
Increase School Allocations for Athletics: $6.5M
-Regional athletic events
-Converting athletic trainers from part-time to full-time

District-Funded Field Trips: $4.6M
-Expanding to include TK-sixth grade

Increased Funding for Music Instrument Maintenance and Repair: $100,000

Funds to Continue an After School Program at Edison High School: $400,000
-To replace grant funding

Campus Culture Position at Birney Elementary School: $100,000

Leadership Enrichment Position: $100,000
-To create leadership opportunities for African American youth

Goal 3 LCAP Priorities
Kids Invent!: $1.4M
Patino Entrepreneurial High School: $2.1M
Linked Learning, ROP and CTE Pathway Development: $11.1M
-17 Linked Learning Pathways
-135 CTE courses
-25 Regional Occupation Program courses
-Seven California Partnership Academies

Goal 4 LCAP Priorities

Social Emotional Supports: $1.3M
-Adding six resource counseling assistants

School Climate and Culture: $2.6M

Community Engagement Investments: $1.4M

Expanded Student, Parent and Community Communication: $100,000

Restorative Practices Investment: $800,000
-Adding six additional restorative counselors

Two Community Nurses for Community-Wide Health Issues: $200,000

Resources for Drug Counseling and Prevention: $200,000

Maintain 40 Additional Custodians, Custodial Supervisors, and Grounds Maintenance Positions: $3.0M

Funds to Renovate High School Bathrooms: $2.6M
-Top requested items from high school student input

Two Additional Relief Bus Drivers: $100,000

Upgrading District Technology: $2.1M
-Upgrading school site routers
-Shortening teacher computer refresh cycle from five years to three years
-Adding wireless internet to school buses

School Site Security Enhancements: $400,000
-School resource officer at every middle and high school
-Police chaplains at elementary school

LCAP Funding: All Four Fresno Unified Goals Combined
School Site Allocations to be Prioritized by each School's Site Council: $14.7M
-$5.1 million increase over prior year
-School site allocations to be prioritized by each school site council combined with English learner investing for a total of $26 million

Supplemental Student Supports: $17.1M