Message from Brian Angus, CEO of the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission

Brian Angus

CEO of Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission

Our children and youth are, without question, our most treasured constituents. Researchers agree that the support of a loving family, an education system with caring, attentive teachers, and safe and healthy communities with trusted, connected neighbors -- all lead to a confident, well-adjusted child prepared to learn and grow. At Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (Fresno EOC) we recognize that our progress combatting poverty directly correlates with our community's progress in education.

As CEO of Fresno EOC, I strive to align ourselves with the vision and goals of our local partners, none more important than Fresno Unified School District. We are fortunate to have outstanding district leadership from trustees, to superintendent, administrators, and teachers. Much of what Fresno EOC does intersects with the programs and operations of FUSD. Through the development of friendships and trust with district leaders our Fresno EOC programs are now much more closely aligned with FUSD.

Most of the urban children we serve through Early Head Start and Head Start graduate to Fresno Unified. We all have an interest in transitioning and tracking these students through their enrollment in the district to assure that our investment in their early development yields strong academic gains. For students in need of temporary shelter, parenting training, or pregnancy prevention support Fresno EOC offers the Sanctuary, Health, and Adolescent Family Life programs.

We offer WIC nutrition programs for pregnant and parenting students. Our emergency interventions for families of FUSD students include home energy assistance, weatherization, and solar installations and we offer a suite of employment training services to FUSD students, including summer internships, soft skills, and referrals for on-the-job experience or interview preparation for open positions.

The Fresno EOC Street Saints provide safe passage to students attending Gaston Middle and Edison High schools. They have fostered abundant relationships, resulting in a model school with students eager to learn and develop. EOC's student-focused supports -- pre-K, employment and career-driven training, life skills, emergency family services, school safety and mentorships -- address critical needs so that students can concentrate on their studies, enjoy exhilarating activities, and discover the motivation and zeal to fulfill their potential and advance the wellbeing of their neighborhoods.

We applaud your leadership, and are inspired by your excellence in education and commitment to fighting poverty. Our community is well served when Fresno EOC and FUSD purpose and passion are aligned. In partnership we will enhance the impact we have on the lives of our students and we will transform our troubled neighborhoods.
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