Negotiation News

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Fresno Unified School District and Fresno Teachers Association (FTA) met for a bargaining session on Jan. 31.

The parties discussed their respective cost estimates regarding FTA's proposals. The parties agreed to exchange additional information to come to an agreement on the costs of FTA's proposal.

FTA also provided the following counter proposals:

Article 3 - Association Rights

Article 19 - Grievance Procedures

Article 21 - Just Cause, Progressive Discipline and Due Process

Article 27 - Parental Leave of Absence

Article 31 - Pregnancy/Disability Leave

Article 36 - Miscellaneous Provisions

Article 58 - Teacher Authority

Article 60 - Term of Agreement

Article 61 - Transfer and Assignment

The district looks forward to continuing to work with FTA on negotiating a new contract.

With the Board of Education's core goals in mind, we remain focused on competitive compensation for employees, strong educational programs for our youth and a health district reserve that will ensure we maintain our financial stability.