Office Manager is Welcoming First Contact at Kirk Elementary

Deborah Coronado is the much loved office manager at Kirk Elementary School and a finalist for an Excellence in Education award a year ago. She has worked for the district for 17 years and been office manager at Kirk since 2004.
What is the best part about your job?
The best part of my job is the students. I enjoy first thing in the morning the students who come into the office just to say good morning Mrs. Deborah or when it's Administrative Secretaries Day and the students come into the office as a whole classroom to sing to me and treat me with cards and gifts.

What is the most difficult part? The most difficult part of my job is when families are going through hardship and need some kind of help, whether it's with groceries, clothing, shoes, etc. It breaks my heart to see families with these kind of struggles.

As the first contact for people calling or coming to Kirk, what do you try to accomplish?
I always make sure my parents are greeted with a smile, good morning, etc... and that their questions are always answered before they leave the office.

What is the strangest question you have ever been asked as an office manager?
I have been asked, Mrs. Deborah, do you ever go home? Or, Mrs. Deborah, do you live here? I just laugh and say see those cots in the nurse's office? That's where I sleep at night. The students think that is so hilarious. They usually respond with Mrs. Deborah, for reals?

How do you develop relationships with the students?
I always try to make sure when a new student enrolls at our school, I greet them and let them know who I am and sometimes I introduce them to students to show them around so they won't be so nervous on their first day here. It builds a bond with students and they learn if they need anything they can always come to me for help or questions.

What is one thing most people do not know about you?
The one thing people do not know about me is that growing up I also was a Sunset Tiger student. So when I do mention I went to Sunset the next question is then why are you not fluent in Spanish? I always answer back with because it was not a charter school back then and the program was not dual immersion.

If you could choose any profession, what would you choose?
I always wanted to work in the pediatric field growing up. I always wanted to work with kids and babies but I guess being an office manager is almost the same thing. I work with students and even when they're sick I am in the nurse's office.

What's your dream vacation?
My dream vacation has always been to go to Italy. One day I will.

I understand your family and your church sometimes get involved with supporting Kirk? Tell me about that.
My family has been so involved with Kirk since my kids were little, including volunteering for the school carnival, helping me with packets for the first day of school, etc. Church has helped with donations in time of needs and my daughter is also a paraprofessional assistant/cheer coach and tutor at my school.