USGS reports magnitude-3.5 earthquake hits near Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. -- A 3.5 magnitude earthquake hit about 2 miles east of Oakland just after 7:15 pm Monday.

If you were watching the Giants game at AT&T Park, you saw the camera shake.

In Hayward, Sophia Barahona-Lopez and her son Joseph were watching the Warriors game on TV.

"The house just shook, it went back and forth and I have a cockatiel named Lucky and he was flying around in his cage warning us before," said Barahona-Lopez.

"I was thinking to just duck and cover," added 14-year-old Joseph.

But, he said there wasn't enough time. The quake only lasted for a few seconds.

Bay Area commuters may not have felt the jolt, but they felt the impact. BART put trains on hold temporarily for track inspection. MUNI went to manual mode for the same reason.

A notification from Alameda County reported no known damage or injuries.

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