Why it's important for adults to still get vaccines

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Too many adults in the US are not protected against vaccine-preventable diseases.

"The impact of getting any of these bacterial infections or these viruses is detrimental, and it is life-threatening," says Lela Mansoori, an Endocrinologist.

Last year, 61,000 Americans died from the flu. Only 45 percent of adults got the vaccine.

"If you get the flu vaccine and then you do still get the flu, it'll decrease the severity of the flu and you'll get over it much faster," Mansoori said.

Adults also need a tetanus and diphtheria booster every ten years - adults over age 50 who have had chickenpox need a shingles vaccine.

And for adults up to age 26, the HPV vaccine protects against several cancers.

"Now that the HPV vaccine has been introduced, the rates of cancer are going down."

There's a vaccine for pneumococcus, too.

"Pneumococcus is a very dangerous bacteria and it can cause pneumonia, it can cause meningitis, it can even cause sepsis," Mansoori said.

People over the age of 65, smokers and those under 65 who have chronic illnesses should get it.

"If you get vaccinated, you're not only protecting yourself, but you're protecting everyone else around you, and it can be life-saving," Mansoori said.
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