Lent options expand at local grocery store

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Shrimp is sizzling on the grill at Vallarta Supermarkets in Fresno.

Special menus are posted across the store for those observing lent and refraining from eating red meat on Fridays.

"We have all kinds of different options. We've got ceviches, shrimp, fish ceviches, which is one of the ones we just launched, and it's been pretty popular. It's basically a replacement for your protein, and we have it in your tacos, burritos, quesadillas," German Gonzalez, Vallarta Supermarkets innovation chef.

Chef German Gonzalez with Vallarta says they're getting more creative than ever, as people look to eat other items than fish on Fridays.

Their Beyond Meat is the newest vegetarian option this spring.

"It's actually a lot better than what you think. We give it the Vallarta spice," Gonzalez said.

More restaurants and fast-food chains are actually serving meatless meals. Everything from burgers to sausage sandwiches and tacos. All in an effort to serve a growing demand of people who want to eat meatless during lent season and beyond.

Revenue has gone up to eleven percent in just a year, bringing the plant-based market value to $4.5 billion.

Vallarta is selling items like shrimp and scallops that are marinated. You can also buy ingredients to make dishes at home. People can enjoy everything from Shrimp a la Diabla to shrimp cakes. Some may also choose to enjoy a sweet treat.

People observe lent for 40 days leading into Easter Sunday, April 12th.

Gonzalez says they see a big increase in sales at the store during lent.

"The shrimp, the fish, the ceviches, that's when they spike up because everybody's here to purchase something they're going to enjoy on a Friday," Gonzales said.

Spicing up your meal options in a whole new way.
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