Valley Children's Hospital ranked one of the best in the country in four specialty areas

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Devin, Davin, and Derek Dupree were all about cookies Tuesday. The adventurous triplets celebrated the award honoring the neonatology area where they spent their first 30 days of life.

CEO Todd Suntrapak said the hospital is continuing to blaze new trails in the quality of care provided to even the tiniest patients.

"Really, the ownership of these awards should be amongst all these families over close to these seven decades now, that have trusted us at Valley Children's with the care of their children."

One area of the hospital recognized for excellence is the orthopedics department-- it's one of the busiest in the country, mending broken bones and a whole lot more. Bruce Mansy was a patient when he needed to get his femur fixed among other things.

Mansy's mother Lyhoy Tang said, "He suffered a car accident in September 2016 which rendered him paraplegic."

Advancements in technology and state of the art procedures in the gastroenterology and GI surgery unit is helping improve recovery time during some intricate surgeries of the digestive system. It means less time in the hospital for patients.

"We would have to take a patient to the OR, have a long surgery, and then that patient would go up to the pediatric intensive care unit maybe for two or three weeks to recover. Today with ERCP, that patient comes in the morning and goes home that afternoon," said Suntrapak.

Parents who have spent days or months at the hospital said the excellence in care wasn't limited to while they were there-- it was extended to aftercare instructions to help them adjust to a new normal.

"But after coming to Valley Children's we were so much more embraced in knowledge and just the support we've had to care for him at home, not just here," said Tang.
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