Valley Children's Adaptive Sports program give kids with disabilities the chance to water ski

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Valley Children's Adaptive Sports Program is making sure all kids and teens truly experience life.

On Saturday, one by one they got a chance to water ski.

"It's Incredible, a lot of these kids don't get a chance to do this thing anytime during the summer," said Wendy Eriquez.

Coqui Enriquez was born with spina bifida and cannot stand by herself. Her mother never thought water skiing would ever be an option, but this program opened her eyes.

"It seems like she enjoyed it," Wendy said. "I was a little afraid of her panicking, but no, she did great."

Volunteers help out each child to make sure they have the best experience possible, gliding and feeling free out on the water.

Onshore, or in the boat, family and friends cheered them on.

Dr. Jennifer Crocker, director of pediatric rehabilitation at Valley Children's Hospital, says seeing kids have fun with no worries is priceless.

"I just love kids, and I love seeing them have fun," she said. "If some kids are having a hard time doing, for a reason, I want to take as many barriers away as possible. So giving them as much access to fun recreation and sport that I can."

It is a free program. For more information on how you can join in on the sports or volunteer to help out, click here.
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