Valley police searching for 2 suspects on robbery spree

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Police say a pair of robbers are on a crime spree throughout the Central Valley, with the most recent holdups taking place Monday afternoon at a pair of Valley pharmacies.

Wearing the exact same clothes during all three robberies Sunday and Monday, the demand for drugs at the Care Pharmacy in Fresno was quick and to the point.

"In our robbery they were specific in asking for the promethazine and hydrocodone and just narcotics in general," said Lt. Larry Bowlan with the Fresno Police Department.

A video taken of the heist Monday just after noon shows one of the suspects getting physical with the pharmacy workers while demanding narcotics.

Detectives from Madera, Merced and Fresno Police departments believe the suspects are casing the businesses beforehand and waiting until no customers are inside.

Investigators say it's possible more crimes are connected to the pair that haven't been tied to them yet.

"We're also reaching out to surrounding counties and other police departments and sheriff departments to see if they've had any similar robberies in the last week," Lt. Bowlan said.

Detectives say the day before, the robbers hit the CVS on Country Club Drive in Madera. The doors locked during the holdup, but police say the suspects shot out the front doors to escape.

In each of the crimes, officers say the suspects are trying to hide their faces.

Merced Police say the suspects also wore bandana-type coverings over their faces when they stormed into the El Portal Pharmacy. Only their eyes were visible.

"Demanded the OxyContin and codeine and left. From the time they came in until the time they exited was less than two minutes," said Capt. Jay Struble with the Merced Police Department.

One thing investigators are now working to figure out: why the suspects targeted the Central Valley and why they picked these pharmacies in particular.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Merced Police Department Tipster Line at 209-385-4725.

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