Valley's outdoor workers take on triple-digit temperatures

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- From these contractors installing tile at a new home development, to the crews constructing Visalia's second In-N-Out restaurant, there were plenty of workers outside in the South Valley on Wednesday.

This despite a third consecutive day of triple-digit heat.

To prevent heat illness, most outdoors workers know they need to stay hydrated.

But Adventist Health Family Nurse Practitioner Jeanne Arnold shares that it's important to start early before the work begins.

"Remember it takes your body two to three hours for you to process those fluids, so making sure that you're hydrating two or three hours before you need to go out," Arnold explained.

Pouring concrete in this heat is a grueling job. But Cirenio Estrada handled it with ease.

He's been doing that kind of work for decades, so knows how to keep himself cool during the summer months.

"Oh I bring an ice chest with waters, cold waters, and everything...and the big hat," Estrada said.

Outdoor workers should know the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and keep a close eye on their co-workers, especially those with underlying conditions.

"It's really important particularly for diabetics that they stay cool and well-hydrated," Arnold said. "Some of the medications that people are on, if they're on a diuretic, can certainly lead to dehydration in these conditions."
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