Valley veterans complete 2,200 mile ride to raise awareness of veteran suicide

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A couple of valley veterans were given a heroes welcome in Clovis as they rode through the rain for a special cause.

Sunday concluded a 2,200 mile trip for Justin Bond and John Cook that began on September 11. The valley veterans did the entire journey while riding on a pair of custom wheelchairs with their service dogs.

The two are hoping to raise awareness about the veteran suicide rate, which is estimated at 22 veteran deaths a day in the United States.

"Many are from right here in our hometown and nobody knows about it," Bond said. "So, because of that, we all agree we're not going to leave our brothers behind. When we sign up for the military, you say, you agree you're not going to leave them behind and yet that's what it seems like we're doing. dying in their own homes."

The two veterans are now trying to raise money as part of Operation Battlefield for a facility that can care for veterans. They have even contacted squad leaders to help take care of their fellow service members.
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