Work continues on project to expand Veterans Boulevard in Northwest Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A project designed to ease traffic tie-ups in Northwest Fresno continues to move forward with crews set to start moving dirt.

Veterans Boulevard hits a dead-end at Barstow but progress continues on a project to build a six-lane road which connects with Highway 99.

People who travel the Fig Garden loop are among those who've been waiting patiently for change.

"It's really the missing link in the Northwest Fresno transportation system. As growth continues to occur, this new interchange will really handle a lot of the traffic that right now is just excaberating conditions at d by Shaw and 99 and Herndon and 99," said Public Works Director Scott Mozier.

Construction work will soon turn to putting in storm drains and traffic lights.

The project is focused on extending Bullard from Carnegie onto Veterans Boulevard.

Next year work is expected to begin on Veterans as it moves over Highway 99, the railroad tracks and the High-Speed Rail line.

"We're building a new facility on mostly vacant land so we have a chance to put it in place without road closures in place elsewhere," said Mozier.

Funding has been secured for most of the $139 million needed to complete the project. $50 million came from Measure C funds. The rest came from developer fees, state and federal money.

Public Works Director Scott Mozier says the project is $9.1 million short but the city has applied for a federal grant in that amount through the Build Act.

Word on whether or not the federal government will make up the difference should come in late December or January.

The city hopes to finish the project in 2020.
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