South Valley woman who set roommate on fire 9 years ago denied parole

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Victoria De La Fuentes is at ease shortly after learning Chasety Reynolds, her former roommate who set her on fire, will remain locked up after being denied parole.

De La Fuentes says for the first time in nearly eight years, she saw Reynolds through a video call on Tuesday for her parole hearing.

The survivor of the attack says to this day, Reynolds still doesn't seem to have any remorse.

"They asked her if she was high when she did this, she says yes," De La Fuentes said. "She said if you were sober, would you have done it?"

In 2011, Reynolds poured gasoline on De La Fuentes and lit her on fire at their home in Lemoore

She was sentenced for the crime in 2012.

"She tried to say that I asked to borrow her car and that's why she did it," De La Fuentes said. "No, she was arguing with her son about the Vicodin."

De La Fuentes says Reynolds read a letter to the board claiming she was sorry. However, she doesn't believe it's sincere.

She still lives with physical pain, but she says what's worse is the emotional pain she suffers from missing her grandkids' basketball games and family events to avoid the stares.

Despite it all, De La Fuentes is at peace knowing her family is by her side, and that Reynolds will continue to serve her sentence.

"It's great to know that I have people that support me and love me," she said.
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