VIDEO: San Francisco police fire 65 bullets at suspected killer

SAN FRANCISCO -- Shocking bodycam videos show San Francisco police unleashing a fusillade of bullets at a suspected killer, who fired back at officers.

Seven different bodycams captured it all. San Francisco police said officers fired a total of 65 bullets at the man, who was wanted for a shooting hours earlier that killed one man and wounded another.

Officers were trying to arrest the man, who they said carjacked an SUV and then holed up in a recreational vehicle. As officers surrounded the RV, they quickly discovered there were three other people inside and a pit bull.

Officers repeatedly ordered the suspect to give up. Authorities say the three other people and the dog left the vehicle, but the man did not.

Instead of giving up, police said the man opened fire, setting off the eruption of violence.

After all that gunfire, no one was hit by a single bullet. The suspect, identified as Joel Armstrong, eventually gave up and a 9 mm handgun was recovered. The shooting is under investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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