Tiki Murph is a tropical island roadside getaway in Delaware you must visit

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024 4:53PM
Tiki Murph is a tropical island roadside getaway in Delaware
Tiki Murph is a roadside attraction that sells tiki sculptures, bars, huts and decorations to beachgoers in Delaware.

MILFORD, Delaware -- It's a slice of tropical island life - all at a roadside stand in Delaware!

Tiki Murph is a popular stop for Delaware beachgoers on the way to their shore vacation.

Rehoboth and Lewes beachgoers know the tiki stand well, as they've been passing it on the way to those Delaware beaches for the past 15 years.

It's located on Bay Road in Milford, DE, along Route 1.

The Durst family from Philadelphia makes it a point to stop by on the way down the shore every year.

"It's been a tradition for us," Edward Durst says. "We don't live near water, so we bring a piece of the shore, home to Pennsylvania. And they're handmade, hand carved!"

It features hundreds of tiki carvings crafted by local artisans, all carved on site.

The stand is decorated with palm trees in a Polynesian island atmosphere, and they display a rotation of hundreds of tiki carvings.

You can hear the carving of the tikis on site by local craftsmen in their backyard.

"When you go home, the vacation never ends," says Edward. "You bring a little piece of the beach home with you."

For more information, you can check them out at Tikimurph.net.

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