Good Sports: Foot Golf

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- While seeing golfers at Visalia's Valley Oaks Golf Course is routine, the same could be said for seeing friends Rob Hodgkins and Gabriel Yanez.

The two have been playing foot golf every week since a free clinic introduced them to the sport the week of the 2014 world cup. "I loved soccer loved golf, so I was eager to try it, but the closest place before that was Vegas," said Yanez.

So what exactly is foot golf? "We always describe it as exactly like golf except you're using a soccer ball instead," said Hodgkins

Foot golfers like Gabe and Rob try to make it in the hole in as few shots as possible. With tee times at the same time as other golfers, just like golf, proper etiquette is important. "If you normally get golfers behind you it's better to let them through because two of their shots is one of yours at least," Yanez said.

While the sport is open to everyone, it's a lot harder than these two make it look.

However, these two golfers are amongst the best in the Valley. Saved in the pro shop, a scorecard from when Yanez shot a 52; still a course record. Hodgkins is right behind him with a 53.

So while the World Cup happens every four years and might be the pinnacle for soccer fans, for these two, it helped lead them to something better. "It was better than the World Cup if you ask me!" Yanez said. "I mean I'm still doing it every week. It's like the joy never went away."

Foot golf is offered at the following Valley courses with rates typically under $10:
  • Madera Golf Course
  • Porterville Golf Course
  • Valley Oaks Golf Course (Visalia)

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