Valley's largest Walmart Supercenter opening in Northwest Fresno

The financial struggles of stores like K-mart and Sears have retailers trying to position themselves for future success.

On Wednesday, Walmart will open the Valley's largest supercenter at Shaw and Brawley, a block west of the old store.

As shoppers navigate their way through the aisles of the 194,000 square foot store, they'll realize they should have worn sneakers.

"The sheer size of the store alone is going to be kind of that 'awe' moment for them but as they start to walk around and see the variety that we're carrying throughout the building, they're going to realize it is a one-stop shop," Store Manager Tino Alonzo said.

It's built for convenience with 35 scan and go self-checkout stations. On-line order and pickup has gone so well, Walmart has added grocery delivery.

Employees have been stocking shelves to prepare for customers who want everything from clothes to electronics.

Walmart is also building a fresh and frozen product distribution center in Kern County to help keep items stocked.

"The distance from the ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles lends itself well to proximity to rail and the state highways. Makes it a good strategic location for distribution of goods," said Shafter City manager Scott Hurlbert.

Outside, shoppers will also notice a security system in place designed to deter crime.

"We actually have 'Cop lot' outside of the building as well, which is monitored by the Fresno Police Department. We can patch into those and they can actually use them to talk as well," Alonzo said.

Walmart is also offering Nathan's hot dogs for $1.25 in the deli.
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