Burglar gets trapped in escape room, calls 911

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Thursday, July 12, 2018
Washington escape room burglar can't escape
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A burglary suspect in Washington broke into an escape room, but was arrested when he called police because he couldn't break out.

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Police in Washington arrested a burglary suspect who broke into an escape room but was forced to call authorities when he couldn't escape.

Security video shows officers searching for the suspect, who they say entered the business through a back door by damaging the lock.

After the suspect took a cell phone, television remote and beer from the refrigerator, he couldn't find the front door, police said.

Arriving officers arrested the suspect, who is now facing second-degree burglary charges.

Escape rooms have gained popularity in recent years. Finding clues and solving puzzles, groups work together under a time limit to get out of rooms.