Valley temperature swings affecting allergies, outdoor activities

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The experts at the National Weather Service in Hanford have been analyzing the Valley's drastic temperature swings in recent days.

Meteorologist Carlos Molina says the heat spikes are directly related to storms dropping down from the Gulf of Alaska, which allows strong surges of warm air to come up from the south.

"So when it becomes a little bit more exaggerated or a bit more amplified, now we're seeing temperatures getting up to like upper 90's or near record conditions," Molina said. "The only thing is because we are in a spring pattern, we'll have the warm temperatures, and then we'll have a drop."

Visalia's Alma Poe knew Wednesday was going to be a hot one.

So she made sure to bring Willow and Lola to the dog park earlier in the day and watched them play from a shady spot.

"Just trying to get out before the heat kicks in, get them out of the house for a little bit," Poe said.

The weather is also having another impact.

Doctors say some Valley residents are experiencing more allergy symptoms right now due to the fluctuations in temperatures and winds.

Dr. Praveen Buddiga points out heat can cause pollen to act more aggressively.

"Patients complain of itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing bouts, throat congestion, and chest congestion," Buddiga said. "So those are some of the things I've been seeing more frequently actually in the past day or two."

For some relief, Dr. Buddiga recommends using eye drops, washing your hair, and using a nasal spray.

He's also noticed that masks can help block pollen exposure, and he suggests buying an air filter for your home.

"It's a huge difference, especially for the bedrooms," Buddiga said. "And if you have children, especially in the children's bedroom. And try to buy a quiet one."

Dr. Buddiga has also developed a pollen app, called Pollen Wise.
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