South Valley communities prepare for showers ahead of the holidays

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For the next few days, communities are bracing for showers across Central Valley and snow in the Sierra.

"We definitely could use some rain. It's very beneficial, lots of high elevation snow coming as well, which will be very helpful," said Daniel Harty, National Weather Service in Hanford Meteorologist.

Much needed showers are expected Tuesday evening and well into the weekend, and South Valley communities are standing by for the downpour.

In Visalia, crews work hard year-long preparing, but they've been busier with the recent showers and have been clearing out drains ahead of this storm.

"We would encourage people to do the same. Go out and check around your house. If you see leaves, please remove those. It will just help," said Visalia City Manager, Leslie Caviglia.

A few miles south in Tulare, crews are also working non-stop, clearing out drains.

"We are out there with the leaf vac so residents out their leafs either on the street away from the gutter or edge of the property and we came and vacuumed them up. It's a huge help for our system. We are getting our stations and ponding basins prepared for the water so we are ready," said Public Works Director, Trisha Whitfield.

Whitfield says they take many precautions to avoid wasting water and look forward to this week's potential.

"Our water comes from wells, so anything we can do replenish the supplies and decrease our pumping is something we look forward to."

Sand-bags are available in both communities.

In Visalia, you can fill them up at the Public Works Office at any time.

In Tulare, you can pick them up during normal business hours: 8 am to 3:30 pm.

With Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the middle of the storm, there is a big warning for families who plan to hit the wet roads.

"Especially during this holiday time with so many people on the roads, please be cautious. People can skid. It's just wise to do that," said Caviglia.
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