A soggy start to spring in the Valley

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Spring may have officially sprung in the Central Valley, but for local commuters, the dreary skies overshadowed any signs of changing seasons.

"The good thing about it is that there is more rain for us and for everywhere around here...where there is agriculture," said Ellissa Diaz.

A massive three-day storm system hit western Fresno County first Tuesday.

While farmers are eager to see replenished snow packs, farmworkers are getting ready for an unproductive week. The storm halted most planting and harvesting.

"There's a safety issue," Refugio Carrillo of Mendota told us. "You get in the mud, there are accidents, everything is wet, people can slip and fall so easy. It's not worth it."

Up near Shaver Lake, the owners of China Peak aren't worried.

Although this storm is expected to be warmer than the others, it's not enough to melt the 10 feet of snow they accumulated earlier this month.

"We have a decent amount of snow right now," said Ski Director Nick Cohee. "Snow levels should drop as the week continues, we will get some rain, and we will get some snow, but I expect we'll get more snow than rain."

Drivers weren't as fortunate on the roads. Up and down SR-99 cars spun out, collided, and snarled traffic.

"It's been raining the last few weeks on and off, it's been pretty bad," said Carrillo.

This storm is expected to worsen before it fizzles out. For communities so dependent on the rain and snow, they are looking forward to the storm's might.
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