City of Visalia preparing for stormy weather

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Visalia is preparing for stormy weather. City crews are already working to clear storm drains and sand bags are available to protect homes from flood water.

Kalyn Ellis is ready for rain but his storm drain isn't, "this is overgrown, there's actually grass growing inside of it," Ellis added. It created a big problem on the 18th. There was thunder and lightning, the drain backed up and Ellis says, water swallowed the street.

Ellis said, "it was beautiful actually, but out here... just a mess, horrible, horrible mess."

Since then, Ellis says he's been outside, every other day, raking up leaves and sweeping the gutter in from his home and the empty lot next door. "As long as you keep up with it, it's not a big deal," Ellis said, "but when you let it go, it ends up biting you in the butt."

The city is taking a similar approach. Adam Ennis who is the public works director says crews are going around, clearing the entire storm drain system, there are supplies stocked to fix roads and sand bags for homeowners at the corporation yard.

Ennis said, "we also increase street sweeping this time of year, we do it over the next couple months to try to keep the gutters as cleaned up as possible."

In Ellis' neighborhood, he's the street sweeper, "yeah you know, i don't get paid for it though."

It's a lot of work but he's hoping when the next big storm hits, the storm drain will do the rest.
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