Crews prepare for landslides and flooding near Ferguson burn scar

While this rain is bringing much-needed relief to the Central Valley's air, it's also bringing some concern to recently burned areas.

Officials have already issued flash flood watches for areas impacted by the Ferguson Fire.

If you take a drive along the Merced River Canyon, and you can still see it.

Charred mountainsides and burnt structures were left behind from the Ferguson Fire.

As the area now braces for rain, Caltrans crews are monitoring the canyon for potential mudslides.

"We're going to have trucks patrolling the burn scar area, they'll be driving around, making sure the road is okay if there's any potentially hazardous debris. They'll check the culverts and drain," said Thomas Lawrence with Caltrans District 10.

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch for the Ferguson Fire burn scar area until Thursday morning, and meteorologists say they expect a total of about an inch or two of rain.

What they're worried about is getting too much water at once.

"If the rain falls over a long period of time, that's okay. It's those high-intensity rainfalls that we're going to be watching carefully. if there's a quarter of an inch of rain in a 15 minute period, that triggers a flash flood warning," said NWS Meteorologist Kevin Durfee.

California Highway Patrol officers are also out in full force, mainly due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Officers say they already saw significant mudslides in early October and will be using their extra enforcement to patrol areas burned by both the Ferguson and Detwiler fires.

"We're still actively patrolling our state roads and assisting with the county roads and making sure people slow down and watch for debris flow across state route 49 or the ponderosa basin area," said CHP Sgt.Paul Curtin.

Yosemite Park officials are also in constant communication with Caltrans.

Glacier Point and Tioga roads closed on Tuesday due to the expected weather and will reopen when roads are safe.
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