Fresno man gaining national attention after Kayaking video on Facebook

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- North Fresno neighborhoods were still drying out after Thursday night's rain. Some people took advantage of the water in some unique ways!

What didn't soak into the ground made its way to the ponding basin off Copper and Millbrook. City leaders said the basin certainly has the room for water during this historic drought. Also historic is what some people found in their own front yards.

Hours after the storm water is still draining. What didn't soak into the ground after nightfall is sitting here, collecting in North Fresno neighborhoods.

In front of the Bauman household, that water sounds like a rushing river. There is no rushing river or ocean here, but on Thursday night the Bauman's community was full of water. "We took full advantage I paddled around, went three houses down, I went back and down to the corner."

ABC30 insider Holly Ellsworth of Plan Financial sent us this video. It captures Mike, doing what he loves. "The driveway is nice and slanted the water is nice and deep. So I go, lets grab the kayak, we got a boat ramp right here lets go for it."

Down the boat ramp or driveway they went. Into the neighborhood, Mike as captain of "Spitfire 9" also known as his kayak.

"I'm one of those guys I guess I just do those things most people wouldn't do that's me that describes me pretty well (laughing)."

Being one of those guys has fared pretty well for him online. Nearly 2,000 shares on our ABC30 Facebook page, and more than 4500 likes.

"My phone is blowing up with Facebook notifications everybody is seeing it. It's fun."

City leaders said bring on the rain. With as heavy as it got in some areas the most serious calls they got in North Fresno had to do with downed trees.

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