Fresno residents find ways to prepare for upcoming heat wave

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Whether they were sipping their favorite iced beverage or soaking up the sunshine, Valley residents got creative when it came to beating the heat.

Experts say it is crucial to limit your time outdoors. That's easier said than done with kids, so a few Fresno parents took the family to Todd Beamer Park.

"He's loving it," said Alyssa Molina. "Just trying to keep him out of the sun."

The fun and free way to cool off drew dozens to the play areas, some offering shade, others a nice soak.

"I'm giving them a lot of water and just keeping them hydrated," said Amara Arce.

As temperatures inch their way closer to the triple digits, first responders are driving home that same message, adding preparation is key.

"It doesn't mean just drink water as you're working," said Fresno Fire Battalion Chief Tim Fulmer. "You need to drink water the day before or leading up to any outdoor activity, so you don't get dehydrated quickly."

This time last year, Community Regional Medical Center treated 66 people for heat-related illness.

If working outdoors, make sure your rest period is enough to find shade and replenish your body's electrolytes, and avoid any sports or caffeinated drinks.

Remember to keep the vulnerable groups in mind, kids, elderly, and pets. Always watch for signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.
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