Fresno cooling centers, pools open as temperatures rise above 105 degrees

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- On days of triple digit heat, things slow down at Fig Garden Golf Course. But at 80-years-old, Jim Harris shows no sign of giving up the game he loves. He played a round this morning, after a tennis match.

"When it gets over 100, it's hot," Harris said.

The course opened in 1958 and Harris started playing at the course two years later. He plays three times a week, usually with a foursome. Sometimes the other guys complain about the heat.

"It's not as bad as you might think being out in the heat, and you're playing in a sport you enjoy," Harris said.

But plumber Bryon Bolin is doing the work he enjoys, even if it's in weather he doesn't love. At least he's not a roofer.

"They brought a lot of water up there so they'll be ok," Bolin said.

A few restaurants will eventually occupy the building he's working on near Friant and Fresno streets in Northeast Fresno. There may not be blood or tears, but Bolin has put plenty of sweat into this project.

"I go all around town and I see places that we've all plumbed and I can tell my kids and everybody I had a part of that," Bolin said.

Dozens of kids were at Todd Beamer Park on Wednesday. Mother of two Priscilla Renfro says this makes her kids happy, and that's all that matters.

"So lots of water and the kids have fun, so it's worth it, yes," Renfro said.

The City of Fresno says cooling centers will not be open on Thursday.

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