Businesses on Fulton Mall see drop in customers as temperatures rise in late afternoon

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Savannah Glatzhofer expected it to be hotter than it actually was on Monday, so she was hoping for the same on Tuesday.

She's keeping the faith, and set up on Fulton Mall to tell people about hers as a Jehovah's Witness.

"...answering really good prevalent questions that are in the world today," Glatzhofer said.

She says she's been setting up on Fulton Mall once a week for the past year, a place specifically chosen to reach out people. It's easier said than done on triple digit days like this.

"There should be people, but it doesn't seem like there is right now," Glatzhofer said.

Behind them, Take 3 Burgers says they have great, loyal customers for the lunch hour. But they say there is a noticeable lull later in the afternoon when the sun beats down.

"Nobody wants to come out and be sticky and especially stand in line with people," said Desirae Washington-Reed. "We have kind of a smaller place but it does fill up so that can be difficult when the days get really hot."

Nine-year-old Jaleah Young seems to be enjoying the summer program at Central Fresno's A Better Choice School. Already this week, she and her friends have had a good meal and swam at a local pool to beat the heat.

"I don't like it," said Young. "I just like to go in the pool and stuff."

Meanwhile outside, Glatzhofer and friends assessed their very hot situation.

"We try to run into the restaurants every now and then take advantage of the AC, (we're) pacing ourselves, yeah get cold drinks, (and) definitely the shade-that is key," she said.

Others may not understand it, but they say they need to do this work all year long. But all day long? Not a chance.

"We'll try not to stay out too late though cause we're not trying to be crazy people," Glatzhofer said.
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