Hard freeze watch has homeowners stocking up on supplies to protect their pipes

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The hard freeze watch has homeowners around the Valley stocking up on supplies to protect pipes from bursting.

A hard freeze watch goes into effect 11:00 Saturday night and Valley. Ron Blue of Fresno said Fresno Ag Hardware sold out of foam tubing last year, so he had to get creative and put sheets on his pipes to protect them. It worked last winter, but he hasn't always been so lucky. "One year I didn't and my whole house flooded cause my pipes from the ice maker broke, it was a mess."

Inside Fresno Ag Hardware Kevin Seubert set out a display of all their freeze favorites. Ranging from the basic foam to heating tape, and devices that cover your outside faucets. It's all relatively inexpensive and worth it, considering if you don't protect your pipes you might pay for it later. "You've got water under pressure, and then the water freezes and expands and cracks the pipe and now you've got water shooting out," explained Seubert.

A basic cover can help protect plants from freezing and a tent offers full protection while also allowing the plants to breathe.

If you missed your chance to pick up some of these products, the Red Cross said even a little bit of newspaper can help protect pipes.
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