How to tell if your tree is about to fall over

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- There has been a lot of rain lately which is good for our environment, but too much could be dangerous, causing trees to fall over.

Robert Willmott, Orchard Technician at Fresno State, explained some of the warning signs.

"If the tree starts to lean excessively and the weight is on one side, that is going to increase the probability of it falling," said Willmott.

Willmott says that's only one of the warning signs of a falling tree. Excessive rain could mean over-saturated soil, which can weaken the roots of a tree.

"Trees with a... shallow root systems are probably going to be more affected, especially when all that ground is saturated," said Willmott.

Add strong winds and it can push a tree over.

Willmott says similar situations could be prevented through proper drainage.

"If you can drain the water off the field or your tree or your yard or wherever it is sitting it is probably best overall for the tree."

According to Willmott, prevention shouldn't start when it's raining, but when you are planting a tree. If you are on sandy ground, those roots can't anchor themselves as well as something a little harder, such as clay.
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