Neighbors prepare for winter-like storm, try to minimize potential damage

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For the past few weeks, Arturo Rosendo has been cutting down massive eucalyptus trees in his yard.

His wife Susan stood by with her phone recording the moment the nearly 100 foot tall giant hit the ground.

The home handyman says he learned how to do the skill of an arborist by watching YouTube videos.

"I watch it a lot because things happen if you make a small mistake one mistake and that's it," he said.

But so far, things have gone well for Arturo.

"I'm sure glad he does what he does, " making his wife happy because she has seen the impact recent storms have made.

Specifically to their neighbor across the street who had a tree topple over during last week's powerful windstorm.

"There was just stuff blown all over the place," Susan said. "The wind was just coming through so fast it tore it down."

Meantime, crews all over the Valley are bracing for a similar outcome as the winter-like storm pushes in. It's to bring scattered showers and thunderstorms along with a couple of feet of possible snow to high elevations in the Sierra.

"Every storm offers unique hazards," said PG&E spokesman Danny Boyles.

Those hazards are why Boyles says workers are on standby just in case Wednesday night's inclement weather creates problems for customers.

"We've started resting some crews so that when the peak part of the storm arrives we'll have those extra crew members on hand to respond," Boyles said.

And PG&E says if you have any outages in your neighborhood be sure to give them a call so that it can be restored.

They advise residents to use flashlights instead of candles and to also try to charge your phone before going to sleep in case you lose power overnight.
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