No snow at Shaver has businesses concerned

SHAVER LAKE, Calif. (KFSN) -- Temperatures near the 60s clear skies and clean roads, it would be an ideal day at Shaver Lake, if it was not Winter.

"Usually by this time right around this area we probably have six to eight feet of snow, we do not have any snow on the ground right now," said Mike Blanks, who lives in the area.

Warmer temperatures and no snow are a stark contrast from last year when residents and businesses owners had to shovel and plow snow from their properties. Blanks often brings his family including his grandson Lucas to Shaver Lake, never before has he experienced a January quite like this one.

"Either you got it or you do not and we do not have it this year," said Blanks.

Snow is not the only thing missing up at Shaver, there are also fewer customers. The shutdown of China Peak has only made businesses like Shaver Lake Sports more worried.

"It has been a huge change, but you know were are just doing what we can with the actual people who are coming up," said Heather Leon floor manager at Shaver Lake Sports.

Cabin rentals are also being impacted.

"Moving forward it is sketchy right now," said Paul Casares, property manager K & K Vacation Rentals. "Due to the lack of snow reservations have slowed down."

Still, businesses are optimistic a change is on the horizon.

"We see a storm in the weathercast this coming weekend, so we are hoping that it gives us a few inches and gets us going again," said Leon.

Until then they will have to be like Lucas, he came to Shaver to make snowballs, but now has to settle for something different.

"I am going to throw some rocks at the lake," said Lucas.
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