Photographer captures 'pollenpocalypse' in North Carolina city

DURHAM, N.C. -- Pollen was in the air on Monday ... and on cars, the ground, handrails and practically everything else outside.

It was an allergy sufferer's worst nightmare -- the sneezing, the congestion, the itching/watery eyes.

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Before thunderstorms rolled in on Monday, photographer Jeremy Gilchrist was able to capture the severity of the apparent "doomsday" situation that was hovering above.

He posted several photos to Facebook saying, "No tricks here. Yes you are looking at a green haze made up of tree pollen from the pines of central NC! This is Durham:"

The sight of it is enough to make any allergy sufferer cringe.

While some will be able to breathe a bit clearer on Tuesday because Monday's rain washed the yellow stuff away, meteorologist Brittany Bell said the pollen count will jump back up later in the week -- meaning "pollmageddon" could soon return.
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