Prayers for rain continue in Sanger

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A group in Sanger continues to pray for rain, as it has for more than a year. (KFSN)

A group in Sanger continues to pray for rain, as it has for more than a year. Even though the sky may not give us much rain in the Valley right now a group of faithful in Sanger says it's sure its prayers will be answered.

About 30 people gathered to pray for even more rain Sunday. The group is a combination of congregations from all over Sanger.

"We believe that as we as a community will come together and seek God that He will open up a blessing for us," said Pastor Sam Estes. "He will open up a blessing for us, and that's what we're contending for."

Pastor Estes and his fellow Christians meet once a month to send specific prayers for drought relief.

"I think we live in a real world, where there are real patterns that take place," Estes said. "And we're in a pattern right now where the rain isn't coming our way."

Sanger is under tight restriction. Residents have fewer days they can water. And like other cities, park irrigation is minimal at best.

Mayor Joshua Mitchell says that's productive but more needs to happen to save the city's underground water supply.

"We're still seeing problems with our aquifers," Mitchell said. "We're still seeing increased levels of nitrates in our water to the amount of air that our wells are starting to suck up. It's really scary and it's not even summer yet."

The mayor helped organize this group. He says even with everyone's efforts divine intervention is needed.

The prayers began last February, when several churches decided to combine their efforts. But it's not limited to the monthly meetings.

"Whenever I meet with a group of people, we pray for rain," Estes said.

Several city wells in Sanger have already been shut off because of water quality issues. City and church leaders says it's important to remember to combine action with those prayers, and make sure everyone continues to conserve.

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