Snow blankets Sierra Nevada

SHAVER LAKE, Calif. (KFSN) -- Several inches of snow is now covering previously dry areas of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Snow levels dropped lower than during the last snow storm in the area.

Roads were mostly clear up near Shaver Lake. But as the now rare site of snow fell Tuesday drivers were put on notice that chains were required.

A family from San Luis Obispo didn't really plan for a snowy spring break, until they saw the forecast late last week.

"We did a few days in advance," Phil Jacobs said. "So we packed up some snow clothes. So we did our best with what the typical Californian has in their collection."

But they made the best of the trip that gave them a bit of everything Shaver Lake has to offer.

"We got here Sunday," Jacobs said. "We did a little fishing on Monday, caught some fish. Then it started snowing and we're here playing in the snow on Tuesday."

And for the little ones they had their first experience in the snow.

"Well it's a little colder and a little whiter, but pretty much what I would picture it being," said Madeline Koznek, 5.

At least four inches of snow fell throughout the day, with light snowfall in the late afternoon.

"This is definitely welcome," Jacobs said. "I don't think it really matters what time of year at this point. We talked to the maintenance guys around here and they're pretty excited about it."

All of this much needed snow was just not quite enough to restore the historically low Sierra snowpack.

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