Stormy weather led to smaller navel orange crop this season

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The packing line never stops at Bee Sweet Citrus in Fowler. Five varieties of mandarins and navels are now being harvested and shipped out--most for domestic sales though some fruit will end up in Australia.

The navel outlook this year, good-sized fruit on the sweet side.

"We began our navel harvest a few weeks ago and we're continuing with the mandarin harvest. Quality looks real good. Eating quality is really good right now," said Director of Field Operations Scott Woods.

The company has fruit year round thanks to an expanded lemon program. He says the navel crop is smaller this season but growers should get pretty good prices.

The November weather has not been as chilly as normal. Woods would like to see the temperatures drop a little.

"It's beautiful for people but I do like a little bit colder weather. It really helps, especially the navels, kind of put them in the refrigerator get them to set during the spring and we have a nice quality piece of fruit," said Woods.

Bee Sweet Citrus can be found at retailers around the country while South Korea is the company's biggest foreign market.
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