Unseasonably warm temps cause major problems at popular ski resort

China Peak is undergoing its second temporary shutdown of its already short ski season.
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Disappointing at best is how most people are describing this year's ski season. The start of February is typically where we see fresh powder at 7,000 feet but mother nature had other plans in mind.

"It's all about temperature and humidity but we came up short," China Peak manager Rich Bailey said.

As of Monday, China Peak will undergo another temporary shutdown after just 23 days open. Meaning their 400 employees will be out of work.

Despite the circumstances, the staff wanted to make sure the last day was enjoyable for skiers, snowboarders and first-time snow bunnies alike.

And it's not just China Peak, many ski resorts on the western side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains are battling the elements or lack thereof.

Owners tell us they are still holding out for a miracle in March.
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