Valley farmers working to protect crops during freezing temperatures

FRESNO COUNTY (KFSN) -- Most local growers have already started protecting their crops from folding under the inevitable freezing temperatures.

Living here in the valley, growers always have to worry about the first frost of the season and the planning to prevent freeze damage starts now.

This is why you'll see covered crops this time of year. Just as the weather dips colder, local growers are keeping their fingers crossed that we don't experience too many nights of freezing temperatures.

Sia Vang farms 55 acres of produce in Sanger with a wide variety of vegetables are harvested and sold at market in the Bay Area.

"Red onion, green onion, cilantro and kale, baby bok choy," Vang said.

Most of these vegetables typically do okay in the cold, but it's her sugar cane and lemon grass that really has her most worried. Damage by freezing temperatures could completely wipe out the crops.

That's why she wraps them in plastic this time of year and keeps her sweet potatoes covered. The method adds heat and staves off the frost.
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