Weekend storm leaves Valley with toppled trees, damaged power lines

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Clean-up crews and residents were busy after Sunday night's storm.

At least a dozen trees were felled by high winds and heavy rain.

Falling trees and branches knocked down power lines at Bethel and Nebraska and at Orchard and Belmont.

A palm tree fell on Easterby Elementary School at Tulare and Peach.

The tree fractured an eave. Workers using a crane and chainsaws were called out to remove it.

There were scattered problems across the city of Fresno.

In the mountains and foothills, some trees were toppled. Two nearly hit a house near Bass Lake.

Back in the valley, the wind knocked fronds off of palm trees making a little work for property owners like Sam Sandoval.

I've never seen them blow off like this, a little surprised," Sandoval said.

The rain was heavy, but came off and on, so storm drains handled the flow. There was little street flooding, and fast action by city workers kept problems to a minimum.

Additionally a couple of manhole covers were popped loose.

Any Fresno resident who sees trees down or other weather-related problems can download and use the FresGo mobile app on their cell phone to report the problems to the city.
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