Wendy's manager bitten by "hangry" customer

RICHMOND, VA -- You've heard of the expression, "hangry" which is a combination of hungry and angry, but this story takes "hangry" to a new level. Police in Richmond, Virginia arrested a woman after she allegedly bit a Wendy's worker in the leg over a wrong order.

Wendy's manager, Latanya Nelson told WTVR, 25-year-old Lovely Robinson was the angriest customer she had ever personally served.

"Cursing and said i'll come across the counter... I said ok. And she came back there and she tried to come for me, but I defended myself," said Nelson.

Nelson said it all began when Robinson stormed into the lobby behind another employee, and claimed her order was wrong.

Nelson claims Robinson came across the counter and attacked her. Nelson said she could not believe Robinson's appetite for destruction.

"She clamped down right above my knee, so I continued to punch her cause she was biting me," said Nelson.

Nelson was finally able to fight Robinson off, she was left with a large bite mark above her left knee.

Police charged Robinson with malicious wounding, intentionally damaging property, preventing law enforcement from making an arrest and trespassing.

According to WTVR, Robinson declined a request for an interview.