Central Valley doctor: 'I have a feeling the president was released too soon'

One Central Valley physician said he believes the president may have been released too soon.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- President Donald Trump is back at the White House Monday night after spending three nights at Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland, receiving treatment for COVID-19.

President Trump will be constantly monitored by his medical doctors and will be taking his routine medicine for COVID treatment. He will take the fifth and last dose of Remdesivir on Tuesday.

One Central Valley physician, Dr. Eyad Almasri, said he believes President Trump may have been released too soon. He said he is suspicious about the president's diagnosis.

"As a clinician, honestly, you cannot tell, but yes, I have a feeling he was released too soon," he said.

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Dr. Almasri is a pulmonary disease specialist at UCSF Fresno. He works daily with critical care patients and also administers Remdesivir.

"It is not a pill, it's IV form, and it has to be infused in the hospital usually once a day," he said.

The drug is something most of us can't get from a pharmacy.

Dr. Almasri said not everyone who has COVID would take Remdesivir because it has a lofty price tag and only benefits patients who require oxygen.

"A course of Remdesivir costs about $3,000, and hospital reserve this for the moderately or severely ill," he said.

The Central Valley doctor questioned the president's health status, saying, "Someone can conclude the president's status was worse than what was portrayed in the media."

According to President Trump's medical team, the president is also taking Dexamethasone.

"Dexamethasone and Remdesivir are being used today for people who have moderate to severe disease, not the mild illness that doesn't require oxygen usually," Dr. Almasri said.

While President Trump is out of the hospital, he's still not completely back to full health. Dr. Almasri said he hopes for the president's full recovery soon.

"Some of my patients got COVID and did not get really sick in the intensive care unit until two weeks later. So as the White House doctors said, he is not out of the woods," Dr. Almasri concluded.

Monday evening, President Trump was seen taking deep breaths once he arrived at the White House, sparking a trending social media topic. Just before that, the president took to Twitter, saying, "Don't be afraid, don't let the virus dominate your lives."

President Trump is looking to get back to work. In a tweet, he said, "Will be back on the Campaign Trail soon!!!"

His next debate against former Vice President Joe Biden is still scheduled for next week.
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