Residents needing assistance on wildfire cleanup will need to act fast

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Those who had their homes damaged during California wildfires in 2020 will need to act fast if they want assistance.

Residents have until January 15, 2021, to sign up for a debris removal program that is run by the state of California.

There are two phases to the program. The first phase involves removing hazardous household materials. The second is the removal of contaminated debris, and that's where officials say that is where residents are a big part of the program.

In order to be part of the debris removal, residents must sign a right-of-entry form.

The state has sent assistance with debris removal and other hazardous materials to 24 California counties.

Cleanup has already started on homes where residents have signed right-of-entry forms.

For more information on the assistance provided, visit their website.
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