CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Woman allegedly driving drunk with child steering car

SHEBOYGAN, Wisconsin -- A suspected drunk driver was caught on video with a child on her lap, apparently steering the car.

A witness who was riding in a car nearby claims that at one point the 12-year-old girl was actually driving the car.

"It just blew my mind," witness Nathan Tietz told WITI-TV.

Tietz captured the incident on cell phone video and called police.

Behind the wheel was 41-year-old Amanda Hauke.

"She was driving all over the place, passing us, driving in front of us," says Tietz.

When deputies were able to catch up to Hauke, they yelled for her to pull over. Once stopped, she reportedly denied ever having the child on her lap or steering the car.

Deputies say Hauke consented to a field sobriety test, as well as a breathalyzer. Authorities say her blood alcohol content registered at .126.